En kortfattad historik över nästan allting

Bill Bryson - En kortfattad historik över nästan allting

Betyg: 5

This was brilliant, with the obligatory disclaimer that any non-fiction book written by a non-expert deserves: double check all facts before you accept them as 100% correct. (Hell, I doubt even most physicists could say whether the chapter on quantum physics is correct.) But on a whole, it's very highly recommended; a very soberly written account of what we know and how we can know it (no pandering to religious or political groups), funny without being silly, fact-filled without ever getting dry. What I'll really be bringing with me is how much we know and yet how every thing we learn just opens up more areas of stuff we don't yet understand, how short history can be; we've been here for 100,000 years, yet recorded history only goes back to the pyramids, 200 years ago we didn't have Darwin, 150 years ago we had never heard of radioactivity, 50 years ago tectonic plates were bad science fiction. Mankind is curious, and yet we're on a tiny little speck in the black space. A book that really makes your head spin, and yet makes you laugh. Excellent.



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