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Jeff Lindsay - Dexters dunkla drömmar

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And yet again I find myself in the curious position of preferring the movie - or in this case, the TV series - to the book. The story has so much potential; a complete sociopath who is schooled by his disillusioned cop stepfather to channel his murderous instincts into only killing those who deserve it - making him a serial serial killer killer - and who suddenly comes across a case which seems to mirror his own way of thinking and killing perfectly. On the TV series, this potential is realized beautifully; the whole question of morality, of free will, of someone who is incapable of feeling for others having to pretend to do so... but over the 230 pages of the novel, it's squandered. Since it's all told in the first person by a narrator who, by definition, doesn't understand others, the cast of supporting characters is largely ignored, and the ending comes completely out of the blue with no advance buildup whatsoever. Not to mention that Lindsay is a little too fond of the whole noir thing but can't quite pull it off (at one point, he writes that someone grunts "like a pig choking on a grapefruit", which may be one of the most bizarre similes I've read in some time) and that the translation hardly does whatever good writing there is any favours. Watch the series instead.



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