Ian McEwan - Saturday

Betyg: 3/5

Overall, I thought it was a good novel; extremely well-crafted, well put together, with good characterizations etc; pretty much agree with Stewart there. I like the juxtaposition, if that's the right word, of the international/civilizational conflict and the personal ones.

However, there were some things that irked me about it. For starters, Henry Perowne is a well-written character, but he's also a fairly dull one. All the various discussion of the rights and wrongs of war often veered far too far into becoming just a re-hash of the same discussion in "reality" 2.5 years ago. And then the scene where Daisy subdues Baxter with poetry... come on. Come the fuck ON.

Overall, I'd definitely recommend it, though. Am I the only one to whom it occurred somewhere towards the end that maybe I should have been looking for allusions to "Ulysses" - takes place in one day, starts and ends with him in bed with his wife, has him travelling all over the city while musing on everything about his life and the world around him... hmmm.

Rikard på dbc tyckte bättre om den.



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