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Jonathan Lethem - Motherless Brooklyn

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Ännu en på engelska. Håhåjaja.

I STILL haven't read anything by Lethem I didn't absolutely adore, even if this wasn't a masterpiece on quite the same level as "Fortress Of Solitude" which remains one of the best books I've read. This is both an excellent and innovative detective story and an autopsy of the detective story as form of literature. By having a narrator who suffers from Tourette's syndrome and is thus constantly ticcing verbally, riffing on conversations and clues, ripping everything apart and reorganizing it into puns, anagrams, jokes and insults only to then try and piece it together into something he can use to understand the case he's working on, Lethem turns the story into not only a whodunnit but a... uh... howwedoit. "It" being life and how we see it. And of course, Lethem's style in itself consists a lot of taking apart various influences and sticking them together in new ways, so there's a double re/deconstruction thing going on. At the same time, it never gets too post-modern for its own good, remaining at heart a hard-boiled detective story. Very impressive. I need to read more Lethem.



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